Every year we ask for your feedback as a delegate, and every year it’s the same:


So, here’s a glance of what we’ve set up this time:





Our ice-breaker morning session consists of small Round Tables with speakers, business partners and attendees where the participants will discuss the main challenges and cutting edge topics of the conference in a relaxed atmosphere.


The Labs

Several round tables are set, each with a specific subtopic within New Product Development, and each guided by a moderator.
The Labs start with a captivating 10-minute teaser covering each topics, after which the moderators open instigations for enthralling discussions.



Learn how your peers are doing it … through graphics.  In the expo area, some of the delegates will be presenting their internal process on a storyboard, heavy on graphics and low on words.  The concept is for you to develop a mental picture and follow up with questions to the storyboard presenters.



Meet the Market

In a speed dating style, this ice-breaker networking opportunity will enable you to better know the speakers, delegates and business partners with whom you’ll be spending the next three days.  Get ready to meet the market!




Benchmark Study

At the conference, you will be amongst a large number of your peers from across the globe.  Hopefully you will network with as many as possible, but you probably won’t meet everyone. Our interactive benchmark study will enable you to know how the delegates stack up on the same challenges you face.



5 seats, 4 taken and one empty.

Everyone else sitting in around in a semicircle.  

The chairman will initiate the discussion by bringing up one of the most pressing topics talked about on Day 2, and the 4 guests will continue as if on a panel.  The twist: anyone, from delegates to speakers to business partners, can join the empty chair and the discussion, at any moment.  At which point, one of the original 4 presenters must join the semi-circle.  The only rule: one chair must always remain empty!



Dinner & Evening Networking

If you truly go to conferences to network, this is your time to shine. Top notch dinner, followed by an endless line of activities among all attendants.