Justification docs

Justification Docs

With these justification documents, we’ve made it as convenient as possible to justify your investment to attend and present the ROI you’ve received when you get back to your office.

[button type=”button_call_to_action download” url=”http://www.datainfoserver.com/am_justification_letter” target=”on” ]Pre-Conference[/button]

Customizable Letter to Your Manager: A Word template with a cost/benefit analysis.
[button type=”button_call_to_action download” url=”” target=”” ]During the Conference[/button]

TO BE RELEASED SHORTLY: ROI Worksheet: A Word template for productive note-taking onsite for your conference sessions, interactive parts and Face-to-Face Meetings.
[button type=”button_call_to_action download” url=”” target=”” ]Post-Conference[/button]

TO BE RELEASED SHORTLY: Customizable Trip Report: A Word template to help you easily report your ROI from the conference.